Website projects are commissioned for numerous reasons but the essence of every web project boils down to just two core marketing objectives; directing targeted traffic to the website otherwise known as audience growth and encouraging users to convert, whether for sales, or generate leads, or consume content. To accomplish these two vital objectives marketers use a multitude of services, tactics and channels, each of which is an important component in the overall marketing mix.

银河国际游戏平台We offer our clients an integrated digital marketing service – from strategy all the way to execution. We take a holistic, research-driven approach to digital marketing, using our 4 Pillar approach, beginning with detailed analysis and research into a client’s market and digital assets and strategies. Our marketing team aim to identify hidden opportunities that can positively transform a campaign or a website’s performance.

Although our core competencies in the marketing team include organic and paid search marketing, we also specialise in lead generation and sales acceleration through a range of inbound digital marketing channels including affiliates and partnerships.

To see what our team can do for you, feel free to get in touch for a free review. We offer a no-obligation consultation allowing you to assess our capabilities and strategic thinking without the pressure of hard selling.



SEO [Search Engine Optimisation]

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Our team of in-house SEO experts can help you rank for the right positions for the most important keywords for your business. We use a combination of the latest search analysis technology to run detailed audits to better understand your sites potential and our extensive knowledge of SEO best practices, combined with experience in dealing with various pitfalls of technical and offsite SEO, allow us to be well placed to grow your organic reach. We also have a team of in-house developers that can make sure your website meets the extensive technical requirements of SEO, such as page speed, markup, crawlability and site structure.

If you’re looking for a dedicated SEO agency, or are simply looking for one-off consults, then feel free to give us a call.


PPC [Pay Per Click or Paid Search]

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Each year businesses spend millions on PPC advertising alone. Paid search can end up costing your business significantly more than needed if the campaign or account is run and set up incorrectly. That’s why you need to invest in PPC experts who know what they are doing and can get you the return you want on your ad spend.

银河国际游戏平台At fastfwd, we have extensive knowledge on how Google Ads works and how you can boost your conversions at the lowest possible costs. We have worked with a range of clients to optimise their Paid Search campaigns, and have managed to both, reduce costs and increase conversions.


CRO [Conversion Rate Optimisation]

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银河国际游戏平台Imagine if you could double or triple the sales you are getting from your current site. That’s what CRO or Conversion Rate Optimisation is all about! If you’re struggling to get the conversion rates you want from your current site, then it’s time you invested in a professional CRO audit.

Our talented marketing team are experts in analysing website data and using the best technology to analyse and monitor critical conversion points allowing us to suggest a range of tests and improvements to boost your website conversion rates. If you would like to discuss CRO as part of your Digital Marketing mix, get in touch.



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The team at fastfwd are experts at data analysis and take pride in uncovering underlying data trends which would form the basis of a series of suggestions that may increase your on-site conversion rates, lower bounce rate and increase time spent on site.

银河国际游戏平台Our analytics team uses a combination of SEO, CRO and website development data points to make sure your site is performing at optimum levels.

银河国际游戏平台In addition, the team also specialises in creating a range of custom reporting structures that may be personalised to your individual business needs, including custom reports from ROI to user behaviour.


Email Marketing And Strategy

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银河国际游戏平台Often businesses have a large database of customers and don’t know how to engage them effectively via email. Our marketing team can help create persuasive email content that not only engages your email subscribers but also increases click-through rates and conversions.

We also use A/B testing to test different subject lines, email copy and more to make sure that the emails you are sending out are more than just perfect, they should be flawless!

Not to mention our team of in-house developers who can help create engaging email templates that will jump out in anyone’s email inbox. If you’re looking for the best email marketing agency in Birmingham then look no further than us!


SEO Strategy

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银河国际游戏平台Often basic SEO is not enough, businesses that would like to build long term, scalable organic traffic should consider creating and following a structured long term SEO strategy.

The right SEO strategy can make a huge difference to your business performance, and our team specialises at breaking down and rebuilding organic search campaigns to follow a robust longer-term strategy.

We have often created multi-year, multi-platform, multi-region organic search strategies that are easy to filter down to key stakeholders and to allocate efficient budgets to.

If you are in the need of an advanced search strategy, one that looks at beyond short term rankings, we would advise you to get in touch for a free consultation.


Link Building & Backlink Review

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Link building is one of those elements of SEO that if carried out incorrectly, could decimate your site’s visibility. Our powerful approach to link building means that you will acquire genuine high-quality backlinks that drive traffic and improve your site’s SEO performance.

Our SEO team can even review your existing backlink profile and create a bespoke link building audit to uncover the presence of risky links. Whether building local links, removing toxic backlinks or helping you get your content featured on relevant sites, our team has the expertise, experience and processes to drive your link building efforts.


Site Migration Strategy

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银河国际游戏平台Moving your site over to a new CMS or server? Or migrating to a new domain or https? Don’t risk losing valuable traffic and your organic search rankings. Our fully-managed site migration services are designed to smoothly migrate your site over with minimal impact to your site’s performance. This means maintaining your search engine rankings and ensuring that your site works perfectly post-migration.

Our site migration experts specialise in a range of areas including WordPress site migration, HTTPS migration and technical SEO services. With the help of Fastfwd your site migration will be problem-free, stress-free and done quickly with very little downtime involved.



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银河国际游戏平台From writing website copy to ad copy, our copywriters are highly-experienced in writing copy that engages and converts your users.

银河国际游戏平台We know that words play a huge role in a user’s journey. They have the power to sway decisions, build trust and inspire your readers. Using the right words in your copy can make a huge difference to your website’s conversion rates and overall performance.

Here at fastfwd, our copywriters write with your end-customers in mind. This means all our copy is conversion-focused and written with your target audience in mind. We don’t just write copy, we understand your audience and work to solve their problems. Our unique take on copywriting achieves higher conversion rates, more sales and more loyal customers for your business.


Online Reputation Management

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One of the most powerful marketing tools out there is your brand’s visibility on various marketing channels, from social media to search, customers are influenced by what they see. Whether you’re a new business or an established company, customer reviews play a huge role in the customer’s buying decision. If your company has a bad reputation online, then it doesn’t matter how good your offering is, conversions will struggle as long as the negative sentiment is visible.

Here at fastfwd, we have worked with a range of clients to manage and improve their online reputation. Whether it’s responding to negative reviews, monitoring your brand online, drowning out biased or fake search results, or using social media to build positivity around your brand – fastfwd have the experience and knowledge to enhance your digital brand presence.


Keyword Research

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Targeting the right keywords is essential to maximising the return on your search marketing campaigns. Whether it’s for a PPC campaign or to improve your organic search performance, the right keywords can significantly boost your conversion rates and lower costs. Our smart approach to keyword research means that we can identify the right sets and pots of keywords that would compliment your budgets rather than stretch them.

银河国际游戏平台Whether you’re looking for more organic traffic or to increase your online sales, fastfwd can make sure that you’re targeting the right keywords for the best results possible. Our dedicated keyword research services include everything from developing a robust keyword strategy to reviewing and tracking your keywords online.


On Page Optimisation

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银河国际游戏平台One way to boost your organic search engine rankings is by maximising search engine ready content. This is content which both search engines and users can understand. From subtle page title changes to create completely new content, on-page optimisation is an important element of SEO. At fastfwd, our SEO experts can transform your existing content to search-friendly structures and quality, increasing your chances of better rankings.

银河国际游戏平台From reviewing your current content to suggesting new content, we’ll make sure that your content is up to Google’s standards and engages your users. Our professional on-page optimisation aims to keep your content alive and performing well in search engines consistently overtime.


Social Media

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银河国际游戏平台Looking for ways to boost your social media engagement? Maybe you’re on a mission to increase your social media followers and fans? Our social media service is great for boosting your social media presence, whether this is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other social media channel.

银河国际游戏平台Our dedicated social team are also experts in crafting Social Strategies that compliment and enhance your brand presence.